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Okaloosa & Walton County Family Law Attorney

For more than 20 years, I have helped clients resolve matters that include:

•· Divorce I handle both uncontested and contested divorce in Florida.

•· Collaborative Divorce – A way to resolve disputes amicably without going to court with the goal of achieving a fair negotiated outcome and avoid the stress of the adversarial process and avoid expensive legal fees and costs.

•· Child Custody and Child Support- I will ensure your parental rights are protected and will develop a parenting plan that works for you and your children. If you are a Father and want more time with your children rather than a standard every other weekend type of schedule, I will vigorously fight for your fair share of time.

•· Modifications to Support and Custody: If you have experienced a significant life change, you may need to modify your divorce decree or agreement to better meet your needs or the needs of your children. I can assist with modifications, including cases involving parental relocation.

•· Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Defense – If you have received a notice from the Florida DOR CSE requesting financial information from you in order to establish or enforce child support, I can help you defend this type of action and ensure that the proper amount of child support is ordered in your case.

•· Family Pet Possession – If being awarded possession of your family pet is important to you, I will ensure that it is part of the overall equitable distribution.

•· False Allegations Defense – Spouses and parents under stress will sometimes become desperate and resort to falsely accusing the other of abuse or neglect. I can help you aggressively defend against these devastating accusations.

•· Prenuptial Agreements – Comprehensive planning to protect high net worth clients as well as clients who foresee future financial success.

•· Elder Law Matters – I can prepare Powers of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives, Living Wills, and other such documents you or your senior parent may require.

Divorce Doc Websites – Beware of websites offering you divorce forms or document help. These are non-lawyers who cannot tell you the law. You may be waiving valuable legal rights. If you have begun your case in this way and now require a lawyer to straighten things out, I can amend or re-file your case in the legally correct way to regain your rights and re-position your case for final resolution.

•· Network – If necessary for your case, I will utilize my network of private investigators, forensic accountants, business valuators, actuaries, parenting coordinators, and other experts to assist in the comprehensive handling of your case.

Every matter you discuss with me will be kept confidential and discreet. No matter how complex your case, you will have an attorney who can protect your rights and interests.


Flat Fees – I handle many cases for a flat fee. That means you know exactly how much you will pay rather than fees accumulating hourly. It also means that you can feel free to call and email me with your questions throughout the course of your case without worrying I am going to charge you for every minute.

Hourly Fees – Most divorce and family law attorneys charge an hourly rate for legal representation where you are billed for all time the lawyer works on your case. Some cases, especially complex litigation, are more suitable for this type of fee arrangement. I will tell you if I believe your case warrants hourly fees.

For more information and to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer, schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Contact my office at 850-387-0585.

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